Psalmody Help

* The keyboard can be used as an organ by typing letter keys or clicking the mouse on the keyboard diagram. You can "record" notes by pressing the red bttn and typing letters. They will appear on the musical staff. You can edit and save them. * The clip can be used to cut and paste. * Psalmody uses HolyC files as the song format! See ::/Apps/Psalmody/Examples/prosper.HC. The Psalmody program does not fully parse the songs when loading them back in, so changes made outside Psalmody will be lost, like if you add graphics. * The first line of the HolyC song files is a comment with a category recognized by JukeBox(). The categories are "no nothing", "has words", "has graphics", or "special". The third character in the song comment is a digit rating number, shown in JukeBox(). You can set the song rating in JukeBox() by pressing 0-9. You can request your reward from God by pressing r. You can press <DEL> to delete songs. * You can take the Play() stmts out of a song file and place them in your programs. You can also add a song to a document with <CTRL-l>, but you should do it after pressing <CTRL-t> because the clip-insert in <CTRL-l> is screwy. See this <Song> after pressing <CTRL-t>, now. * You can call JukeBox("~/Psalmody"); to play your songs.