/*Asm labels can only be defined once in a task. <F5> will spawn a new task each time, so you don't get redefine error, like when repeatedly #including it from the cmd line. */ asm { //Opcodes are slightly different to make writing my x86_64 assembler easier. //See ::/Compiler/OpCodes.DD. IMPORT Beep; _BEEPS:: //You can always clobber RAX,RBX,RCX,RDX,R8,R9. The compiler expects that. //See REGG_CLOBBERED and REGG_STK_TMP. PUSH RBP MOV RBP,RSP MOV RCX,U64 SF_ARG1[RBP] //SF_ARG1 @@05: PUSH RCX //U0 Beep(I8 ona=62,Bool busy=FALSE) PUSH FALSE //Do not busy (spin) wait PUSH 62 //500 Hz CALL Beep POP RCX LOOP @@05 POP RBP RET1 8 //Use special return. Pop one arg off of stack. //HolyC return vals are in RAX. This function has no return value. } //_extern binds a asm sym to a function. //My convention is to put an underscore //on C callable asm routines. _extern _BEEPS U0 Beeps(I64 cnt); I64 AsmAndC1() { I64 noreg i; //Normally this would be stored in a reg //Check by unassembling with Uf("AsmAndC1"). i=GetI64("Num of beeps 1-5 (%d):",3,1,5); Beeps(i); asm { //You can clobber RAX,RBX,RCX,RDX. The compiler expects that. IMPORT Snd; //Import an not use & or don't import and use &Snd. MOV RCX,&i[RBP] //You can clobber RAX,RBX,RCX,RDX. //You better preserve the rest. @@05: PUSH RCX //U0 Snd(I8 ona); MOV RAX,RCX //ona=loop*10+50 IMUL2 RAX,10 //TempleOS uses nonstandard opcodes //to avoid multiple form of the same one. //See ::/Compiler/OpCodes.DD. ADD RAX,40 PUSH RAX CALL Snd MOV RCX,cnts.time_stamp_freq>>3 //JIT Const. Simple delay loop @@10: LOOP @@10 POP RCX LOOP @@05 } Snd; return i; } "Beeps:%d\n",AsmAndC1;