<1>/* Graphics Not Rendered in HTML */ I64 x=0; U0 DrawIt(CTask *,CDC *dc) { Sprite3(dc,x%100,100,0,<1>); } U0 KeyDownBitMapDemo() { //This conversion routine is slow. I64 i_sc=Char2ScanCode('i'); "Press and hold $GREEN$'i'$FG$.\n"; while (!Bt(kbd.down_bitmap,i_sc)) Yield; SettingsPush; //See SettingsPush Fs->draw_it=&DrawIt; //kbd.down_bitmap is indexed with the //merged scan code. (left shift and //right shift combined for example.) //kbd.down_bitmap2 is indexed with the //distinct scan code. See Char and Scan Codes. while (Bt(kbd.down_bitmap,i_sc)) { x++; Sleep(10); } SettingsPop; FlushMsgs; } KeyDownBitMapDemo;