/*The ~/Registry.HC.Z file is HolyC code. You can execute a tree branch of it. The Adam branch is executed in the Adam task boot phase. Normally, you will place var declarations in the branch you make, but since an arthmetic expression is valid in HolyC you can place simple expressions without vars. */ RegDft("DemoCompany/Game1","F64 best_score=1.23;\n"); RegDft("DemoCompany/Game1/SimpleVal","1234;\n"); RegExe("DemoCompany/Game1"); U0 Game() { I64 i=RegExe("DemoCompany/Game1/SimpleVal"); "High Score:%6.5f\n",best_score; "Val:%d\n",i; i++; best_score=tS; //You could combine these into one write by making //the $TR...$ and $ID,2$, $ID,-2$, cmds yourself. RegWrite("DemoCompany/Game1","F64 best_score=%9.5f;\n",best_score); RegWrite("DemoCompany/Game1/SimpleVal","%d;\n",i); } Game;