/* Graphics Not Rendered in HTML */ PopUpPrint User ExePrint PopUp ExePutS Core0 AdamTask SrvCmdLine AP SethTask UserCmdLine SrvTaskCont UserTaskCont JobsHndlr JobRunOne JobRunOne ExeCmdLine ExeCmdLine CJob nodes are one of five types. User applications deal with text or msgs. JobRunOne() will call a function, spawn a task or execute some text src code. #define JOBT_TEXT_INPUT 0 //TaskText() Feed StdIn #define JOBT_MSG 1 //TaskMsg() Post msg #define JOBT_EXE_STR 2 //TaskExe() Compile & execute src code text #define JOBT_CALL 3 //JobQue() Tell MP to call function #define JOBT_SPAWN_TASK 4 //Spawn() Tell MP to spawn task Several other routines include a call to JobsHndlr() that gives them powerful ability to execute servant cmds.