A pull-down menu appears when you move the mouse to the top of the scrn. Menus are created with MenuPush(), MenuFilePush(), MenuNew() or MenuFile() and assigned to Fs->cur_menu. The format is: File { Open(,'O'); Save(,'S'); Exit(,CH_SHIFT_ESC); } Edit { Cut(,,SC_DELETE|SCF_SHIFT); Paste(,,SC_INS|SCF_SHIFT); } Misc { Opt1(MSG_CMD,M_OPTION1); Opt2(MSG_CMD,M_OPTION2); } Help { Help(,'?'); About(,'/'); } The first arg is the msg code and it is optional with the default being MSG_KEY_DOWN_UP. The second arg is the msg arg1 value which is ASCII of the key in the case of MSG_KEY_DOWN. The third arg is the msg arg2 value which is the scan_code of the key in the case of MSG_KEY_DOWN. Press <CTRL-SHIFT-l> and "Insert ASCII/ScanCode". See ::/Demo/PullDownMenu.HC.