DolDoc Widget Help

DolDoc is a TempleOS document type. "Expression" a num or HolyC algebraic term with operators and HolyC syms can be entered. "Macro" Most entries can behave like macro entries if you assign them macro strs. "InStr" Like a macro except it is an InFile. You can't have both an in_str and macro text defined. Tag Text is the text that will be displayed for the item. For links, you can leave it blank and the details of the link will be shown. Hide means display nothing, making an entry invis. Left X relative to the left margin. Center X relative to the horizontal center of the window. Right X relative to the right margin. Top Y relative to the top of the window. Center Y relative to the vertical center of the window. Bottom Y relative to the bottom of the window. Blink make the text blink. Invert make the text inverted. Underline make the text underlined. Scroll X Length Expression if a value is entered, the text will scroll in an area of this width. Y Offset Expression if a value is entered, the text will be shifted vertically by this many pixs, so you can make superscripts or subscripts. X Offset Expression if a value is entered, the text will be shifted horizontally by this many pixs. Tree The item will behave like a tree widget, with this as the root. Collapsed The tree or hidden widget will begin collapsed. Define Str will substitute a #define or DefineLoad() string for the tag. Quote Make the res suitable for including in a program, in quotes, especially fo rmat entries in class definitions. X Expression For cursor movements, the horizontal value. Y Expression For cursor movements, the vertical value. PopUp For macro's, run the macro in a PopUp window. Do this when making a macro to run a program, so it doesn't tie-up memory. Escape For macro's, send an <ESC> char to exit before running the macro. Without this, the macro runs in the wrong window, usually. Refresh Data updates $DA...$ entry continuously. Html Link stores a link which will be embedded if you generate a html version of a document with ::/Demo/ToHtmlToTXTDemo/ToHtml.HC.